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About Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc.

About Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc.
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About Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc.
  • For more than fifty years Ridgway Powdered Metals, Inc. (RPM) has been providing precision components to those industries, which demand the very best that Powder Metals (PM) can produce.
  • Located, in the heart of the of the most highly-concentrated powder metallurgy industry in the world, and utilizing the wealth of knowledge developed therein.  
  • Taking advantage of the entrepreneurial aptitude and skills associated with this area, RPM has put together an aggressively strong, technical and practical team that is anxious to work with you to produce your PM requirements.
  • Always looking beyond the conventional – RPM has recognized the many markets whose requirements have been unavailable for PM manufacture. It has, as a result, equipped itself with the capabilities – both in equipment and technical knowledge – that can supply the complexities and advanced properties such markets demand.
  • From its earliest existence RPM has developed an exemplary history of supplying its customers' PM parts on time that meet all critical specifications.
  • RPM looks forward to working with you in aiding the development of your PM needs, providing significant cost savings and – in so doing – developing a mutual, long-lasting and honest relationship.
  • RPM is certified ISO 9001:2015
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